You have probably wondered if there was a way to help you become immortal. Well, Netent has created a captivating online casino game to enable you to achieve immortality right from your computer or mobile device. Visit to learn more about this game.

Description of the Game

Pyramid Quest for Immortality is an adrenaline-raising game that takes you into the pharaoh's pyramids in search of treasure. It is a classic 5 reel slot with more than 700 ways to win. Instead of the sellbuytrucks , play this game with a minimum of £0.01.

  • It is a 5 reel slot game from Netent
  • Bet with a minimum of £0.01 and a maximum of £200.

The ancient Egyptians believed their pharaohs would achieve immortality and so buried treasures with them. You can collect this treasure by embarking on the awe-inspiring journey through time and into these long-forgotten pyramids. However, you have to find a way to evade the gods of light and darkness.

The Pyramid Quest for Immortality Avalanche Technology

Pyramid Quest for Immortality uses Avalanche technology instead of the traditional spinning motion. Just like in Gonzo's Quest, symbols fall into position when you play this game. The winning symbols explode and vanish, giving room for new symbols. This process continues until no more winning symbols are available.

After every three successive avalanches, the Avalanche multiplier appears and increases your avalanches by 1 up to 10x. The multiplier remains at 10 for all the subsequent avalanches. If a symbol appears on top of reels 2,3 or 4, it transforms into a wild in the next avalanche.

Multipliers for Free Spins

This game does not offer any free spins but you have the Avalanche Multiplier instead. With a maximum multiplication of up to 10 times, you can win a whopping 3.6 million coins. With such an enormous number of coins, you would really need to be immortal.

  • No free spins are offered for this game.
  • You can win up to 3.6 million coins.

On a normal win, you can scoop up to 3,600 times your bet. This means that even without the free spins that players get when playing other games, you can still win big at this particular game. However, be sure not to bet what you cannot lose.

Dare to Get inside the Pyramid

Pyramid Quest for Immortality is an Egypt-themed slot game with lots of exciting features. Get your adrenalin up by daring to venture into the interior of the Egyptian pyramids, past the golden statues that come to life when you attempt to go past them.

If you can beat these gods, you can get right in and begin to collect the hidden treasures. However, pray that it is your lucky day so you don't run out of avalanches. Be on the lookout for wilds because they increase your chances of winning.

  • Evade the gods of light and darkness to enter the pyramid.
  • Look out for wilds.

Is Pyramid Quest for Immortality Worth it?

Pyramid Quest for Immortality is a great game featuring ancient Egypt. Explore the pyramids and see what Egyptians placed inside those ancient tombs. With up to 10 times your bet, it could be worth all the trouble venturing into the dark tombs full of hidden relics.

Play this thrilling game from Netent and stand a chance to win big. Take advantage of the wilds to increase your chances of landing something big. remember that Netent is at the forefront of producing great titles compatible across different devices. This game is worth your time.